Company Overview

The Datasat Digital Entertainment brand serves the professional cinema industry delivering high quality and innovative digital surround sound. In 2012 we started bringing that experience and quality to the home cinema market.

A history of audio excellence

The Datasat team and brand actually started many years ago as Digital Theater Systems. Formed in 1991, the Digital Theater Systems team set out to provide a superior listening experience to movie-goers. We developed one of the first digital audio systems for cinemas. This caught the attention of Steven Spielberg and, in 1993, the first movie to feature this sound technology was released.

They all have our name on them

Since 1993 till 2016, every film released from a North American studio featured Datasat Digital Sound. The best blockbuster, mainstream and independent titles could be heard in the best quality surround sound in over 30,000 cinemas worldwide.

Originally engineered for 5.1 surround sound, our technology has developed to improve the quality of surround sound to 7.1 and 11.1. Our original digital sound file was presented independently from the 35mm film. Using a sophisticated sound codec, we were able to synchronize the digital sound on disc with the film.

The result was that we were able to deliver a superior quality experience as we didn’t need to compress the sound file so heavily. In addition, our sound was stored on CD-ROM, which meant that it didn’t degrade unlike sound that was stored on the physical film.

Our achievements were recognized with an Oscar for sound technology in 1996

As the cinema industry moves from 35mm to digital movies, Datasat Digital Entertainment remains at the forefront of this revolution. By concentrating on the digital signal processing element of sound reproduction, the company has been able to create a new generation of feature-rich audio processors that are taking the listening experience to the next level. The Datasat AP25 has so much functionality in one box that it could take up to four separate components to deliver the same feature set.

The Datasat AP25 is well positioned for immersive and 3D sound formats providing greater flexibility, quality and channels previously or currently available. With 16 processing channels and up to 24 output channels it’s no wonder the AP20/25 processors are featured in close to 10,000 locations worldwide.

Datasat brings the same professional audio processing technology to the high-end consumer market. The RS20i is the first home cinema sound processor that is based on a professional cinema audio processing platform. In addition Datasat continues to support 70mm film releases provide a superior listening experience to movie goers all over the world.

  • Datasat launches new website

  • Datasat offers AES67 send and receive solutions for professional cinemas

  • Datasat launches the Datasat AP25 cinema processor

  • Datasat offers new 2.0 HDMI solutions for its audio processors

  • Datasat adds DTS:X® to its processor products

  • Datasat is acquired by Amplifier Technologies Inc.

  • Datasat adds Dirac Live® to its LS10 processor as an optional feature

  • Datasat adds Dolby Atmos® to its processor products

  • Datasat officially launches its calibration services featuring top industry tuning professionals

  • Datasat launches the LS10, An audiophile quality 15 channel mid-range audio processor

  • Datasat launches the RA7300 and RA2400 Amplifier products in partnership with Amplifier Technologies Inc.

  • Datasat officially enters the high end consumer / residential market

  • Datasat launches the RS20i, the first home cinema audio processor built on professional cinema processing technology

  • Barco and Datasat partner on Auro3D®. Datasat develops the AP24 3D to deliver audio processing for 3D sound

  • Datasat enters into exclusive deal with Dirac® to offer Dirac Live® in its audio processing products

  • Datasat launches AP20, professional cinema audio processing solution

  • DTS® sells digital cinema arm to the Datasat Group. It becomes Datasat Digital Entertainment

  • DTS® Cinema Division introduces the DTS®-CSS Cinema Subtitling System for hearing impaired and foreign language audiences

  • Number of cinemas with DTS® sound passes 20,000 worldwide

  • DTS® Digital Sound is featured on all major Hollywood films

  • DTS® sound wins an Oscar for scientific achievement

  • Jurassic Park becomes the first movie to feature DTS® sound

  • Digital Theater Systems is formed