Dirac Live® Room Optimization

Correcting the reproduction of movie soundtracks to overcome the acoustic behavior of the auditorium is one of the most challenging tasks for any cinema sound engineer. Advanced room optimization technology is esstenial.


Creating the optimum sound stage within a cinema theater is no easy task. As we look to deliver a more transparent and true-to-source listening experience, the ability to localize the sound event with detail and precision is essential.

To achieve this, you need the capabilities to digitally optimize the output of each speaker so that it is perfectly adjusted to the acoustic behavior of the auditorium. You need complete control with sophisticated filters that will enable you to compensate for both time-domain and frequency-domain issues.

Datasat Digital Entertainment has the exclusive rights to Dirac Live® within the cinema industry. Dirac Live® is unique in providing true working impulse response correction as measured over a large listening region. It is one of the only true mixed-phase solutions that matches the mixed-phased nature of speakers to ensure the sound reproduced is natural and transparent to the listener.

Features and Benefits

The room optimization features within Datasat cinema audio processors are the most advanced in the industry. These include:

Improved stereo image

Datasat audio processors contain the only true working impulse response correction solution. Our audio processors enable you to control the impulse response of the left and right channels to improve the clarity and precision of the stereo image. The listener perceives the sound to be natural and realistic. You are able to increase the spatial perception of sound reproduction to make the listener feel that they are in the midst of the action.

Mixed phase correction

Most audio processors only include minimum-phase or linear-phase correction. However, many key elements of a sound system – such as the loudspeakers – are mixed phase. They require mixed-phase correction to fully restore the intended impulse response. Only mixed-phase room optimization solutions will improve important aspects that determine perceived localization and clarity across the largest listening area.

Early reflection reduction

There are two major types of sound reflection. Early reflection – from the same direction of the speaker – causes smearing and shifting in the sound. Side reflection may cause a coloration of the sound but actually makes it easier to localize and distinguish different sound events. Datasat audio processors make it possible to remove early reflections while the coloration of side reflections is reduced but the reflections are not removed.

Bass punch enhancement

The character of the bass sound is often distorted by the room arrangements. In addition, the loudspeaker continuing to ring after the bass punch has been delivered causes further interference. Datasat audio processors prepare the loudspeaker for the impending sound and reduces settling time, creating a much tighter bass sound.

Reduced listening fatigue

The key cause of listening fatigue is distortions in the time-domain and frequency-domain. A smooth frequency response and an aligned phase response makes the sound more natural. With comprehensive phase alignment and magnitude response optimization features, listening becomes effortless.

Reduced tuning time

The amount of time to tune a room is greatly reduced compared with manual tuning. However, the major benefit of Datasat audio processors is the array of memory presets that allow you store the details and settings once the room is optimized to the type of content you wish to play. In this way, you can switch between presets without having to re-tune the room.