The Datasat Difference

Few companies have the heritage in high quality sound technology that Datasat Digital Entertainment can claim. Digital surround sound is commonplace today and our technologies will be driving the listening experience forward in the future.

Why we at Datasat consider ourselves a little different

We are audiophiles. There. We’ve said it. We want to make products that other audiophiles will love as much as us. We want to create huge audiophile listening experiences in movie theaters.

Now, we’re aware that some professional sound engineers within cinema may look down a bit on the audiophiles and their nice little home systems. So, we decided to take a slightly different approach.

Rather than taking that ‘audiophile’ home technology and scaling it up, we’ve taken the professional cinema sound technology we know well and evolved it for home use. We don’t want to benefit from the best of both worlds. We want to offer new levels of listening experience whether at home or at the cinema.


Well, everyone needs a dream!

Only our dream is built on something quite substantial: The Datasat Platform. A unique combination of proven technologies that are fully capable of providing the most transparent and natural sound reproduction today and – as different sound formats appear – into the future. And, it doesn’t matter how big the room. The largest cinema auditorium or the lounge of an apartment, we promise to deliver the optimum sound experience.