Designed for the luxury home cinema market


Built by audiophiles for audiophiles, no expense has been spared in producing the most versatile, customizable and feature-rich audio processor available today in the high end consumer space.

With sleek, elegant looks designed by Neal Feay Company, an award-winning designer of consumer electronics, the Datasat RS20i makes an attractive component of any luxury home entertainment system.

With great looks comes real power.

Developed on the same Datasat platform as our audio processor systems for professional cinema, the RS20i delivers a new dimension in surround sound excellence. Audio is transparent and true-to-source to ensure that the listening experience is every bit as stunning as the visuals.

Designed by the Datasat engineering team, the circuitry design and audio quality is second to none. Including such features such as memory profile settings, stackable multiple EQs, room optimisation/correction and extensive automation controls (not previously seen in high end audio processors) the RS20i is a cut above the competition.

Dialog is crystal clear, sound tracks sound like they are being played from the original mixing desk and features such as HDMI v2.0b mean the RS20i can also seamlessly handle 4K video content.

The RS20i is a professional sound solution. Once configured, it is easy to manage with all the power of a cinema audio processor available at your fingertips through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Datasat’s entrance into the high end consumer market is a natural progression based upon its many years in the professional cinema market.

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Features and Benefits

Superior punch bass management

Advanced bass management features include full and user-adjustable bass control on each individual screen and surround speakers. The RS20i supports up to 4 sub woofers with your home cinema system to enable enhanced surround settings such as 11.1, 12.2 or 12.4.

Extensive equalization functionality

The RS20i comes with 31 bands of third octave and three user-adjustable bands of parametric equalization on every channel. In addition, each channel includes low, high and bandpass filters to deliver a stunning clarity of sound.

16 channels of digital audio

With 16 channels of digital audio available, the RS20i supports up to 85 digital and analog inputs as well as 34 audio outputs. This amount of outputs allows the audio processor to accommodate all surround sound formats currently available – including true 3D sound. In addition, three expansion slots allow for the easy addition of extra channels in the future.

Market-leading room optimization

The RS20i home cinema audio solution features the market-leading Dirac Live® room optimization technology. It delivers the most advanced impulse response correction available to deliver the widest listening sweet spot where the audio is tuned to create the most natural and immersive listening experience for the individual listener. Individual channel and global delays mean that you can position speakers to provide the most natural listening based on a central viewing point.

20 memory presets

The essential elements of your home cinema audio can be quickly and easily saved. Elements such as room equalization, sound levels, and input and output set-ups are captured for every type of content that you wish to enjoy through your home cinema system – movies, music, HDTV or live events. These memory presets can be easily transferred to a memory stick for safe storage and retrieval.

Ease of management

The RS20i presents you with a number of features to make management flexible and convenient. In addition to a range of remote control options – including smartphone, tablet and laptop support – the system includes Ethernet and RS232 connects with up to 20 user-defined set-up and operational profiles.

Product Details

Digital Audio Decoders

  • DolbyDolby® AtmosDolby® Surround upmixer
  • Dolby® Digital
  • Dolby® TrueHD Decoder
  • Dolby® Digital Plus Decoder


  • DTS:X™
  • DTS Neural:X upmixer
  • DTS-HD Master Audio™
  • DTS-HD High ResolutionX

Auro-3D (optional)

  • Auro-3D Decoding (up to 13.1)
  • AuroMatic upmixer

Signal Inputs

HDMI Audio & Video Inputs

•Audio Channels: Up to 8 (LPCM, DTS-HD Master Audio & Dolby AC3)
•Connectors: 5 HDMI connectors (4 switched as inputs and 1 as output)
•HDMI V2.0b compliant digital audio with video pass-thru
•HDCP 2.2 on all inputs and output

Digital Audio Inputs

•Channels: 16, fully routable as to input
•Additional 8 channels with optional H617 upgrade, for Bi-Amping and Tri-Amping. Connector one DB25 Male (Ch 17-24).
•Connectors: Two DB25 Female (Ch1-8 and Ch9-16)
•Digital Format: AES/EBU
•Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz

Other Digital Audio Inputs

•Connectors: Two TOSLINK (optical S/PDIF) and 1 coaxial (S/PDIF)

Analog Audio Inputs

•Channels: 8 balanced, can be connected unbalanced
•Connector: DB25 (Female)
•Impedance: 10k ohms
•Reference level: 300mV RMS

Other Analog Audio Inputs

•Channels: 2 stereo single ended input pairs
•Connectors: 4 RCA jacks
•Impedance: 10k ohms
•Sensitivity Adjustable: -16dBv to -4dBv

Microphone Input

•Single channel -68dBv to -8dBv input with switchable +48V phantom power
•Connector: XLR female

Signal Outputs

Digital Audio Outputs

•Channels: 16, fully routable as to input
•Connectors: Two DB25 Male (Ch1-8 and Ch9-16)
•Digital Format: AES/EBU
•Sample Rates: 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz

Analog Audio Outputs

•Channels: 16 (fully routable as to input), common mapping with Digital Outputs
•Connectors: Two DB25 Male (Ch1-8 and Ch9-16)
•Additional 8 channels with optional H617 upgrade, for Bi-Amping and Tri-Amping. Connector one DB25 Male (Ch 17-24).
•Balanced (can be connected unbalanced or single ended)
Ships with two DB25 Female to XLR 8-channel analog breakout cables (three with optional H617 upgrade)
•Level: 300mV with volume at -15.0, +26dBu max (balanced)
•Connector: 1 single ended RCA output, channel-selectable to drive an external monitor. Adjustable Levels, to 300mV RMS
•Connector: 1 single ended RCA output, summed output for the hearing impaired. Fixed Level Out, 300mV RMS

Audio EQ

Dirac Live® Room Optimization

•16-Channel Dirac Live® room optimization
•Dirac Live® Installer kit sold separately

3rd Octave EQ

•16 channels – 31 user-adjustable bandpass filters
•Gain +/-6dB adjustable in 0.5dB steps
•Frequencies range from 20Hz to 20kHz


•16 channels with 3 user-adjustable parametric filters for shaping Subwoofer response
•Adjustable from 20 to 200Hz, gain +/-6dB in 0.1dB steps
•Q range from 0.7 to 5

Hi/Low/Bandpass Active Crossovers

•Adjustable from 20Hz to 20kHz. Adjustable slope and filter types: 6, 12, 18, 24, and 48 dB/octave Butterworth; 12, 24, and 48 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley; and 6, 12, 18, 24, and 48 dB/octave Bessel

Bass/Treble tone control

•Adjustable +/-6dB per channel
•Corner frequency for bass adjustable from 50Hz to 300Hz
•Corner frequency for treble adjustable from 1.5kHz to 12.0kHz

Bass Management

•Full or adjustable high pass settings for screen and surround speakers
•Adjustable low pass filter for sub woofers
•Support for 0 to 4 sub woofers
•Optional phantom center or phantom surround speakers

Audio Delays

Individual Channel Delays
•0 – 999ms
Global Delay
•0 –1000msNote: Total delay per channel not to exceed 1000ms

Automation Inputs/Outputs

16 bi-directional GPIO’s, optically isolateds
•Connector one DB25 female
•4 programmable 12V output triggers, 3.5mm mono jack
•External +5v@140mA


Remote Control
•RS232, Connector one DB9 female
•10/100Mbps Ethernet
•Can be controlled by smart phone, iPad, Android based devices via iRule or VNC
•Crestron Integrated Device

Setup/Operation Profiles
•Configurable for up to 20 user defined named input selections. Input selections include processing options along with a selected named set for EQ and output channel profile
•Configurable for up 20 user defined named EQ sets which include definitions for Dirac optimization, third octave EQ, parametric EQ, bass and treble controls
•Configurable for up to 20 user defined output channel profiles which include output channel names, output routing, crossover high/low pass filters
•User defined input selections controllable by Touchscreen, GPIO, or ethernet
•Export/Load of user configurations via USB

Power Requirements

•105-130 VAC or 215-260 VAC, 50-60Hz. Input voltage range manually switched at the rear panel by changing fuses and rotating fuse holder.
•94w power consumption.

Hardware Dimensions

•Imperial – 5.6”(H) x 17.4”(W) x 17.63”(D). Height with feet removed 5.25″. Shipping Weight: 36lbs (with packaging and accessories)
•Metric – 14.22 cm(H) x 44.2 cm(W) x 44.78 cm(D). Height with feet removed 13.34cm. Shipping Weight: 16.33kg (with packaging and accessories)
•RS20i unit weight 26.5lbs (12.02kg)
•3U 19” rackmount when rack ears are installed (supplied in RS20i packing kit).

Regulatory Compliance

•UL CB Scheme
•FCC Part 15, subpart B Class B
•RoHS compliant


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