Partner List

Datasat Digital Entertainment has developed a strong partner network to ensure that we have access to the the latest technologies and can deliver leading audio solutions for home cinema.

Key Partners

Dirac Research

Founded in 2001, Dirac Research is a world leading R&D company specializing in high-performance digital sound optimization, room correction and sound field synthesis. The company was founded by researchers from the Signals & Systems Group of Uppsala University, Sweden. Datasat Digital Entertainment is the exclusive distributors of Dirac Live® for the professional cinema industry and include the leading room optimiztion technology in our high-end home cinema audio processors.

For more information on Dirac Research, visit their website here

Wisdom Audio

Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996 with one goal in mind, to create the world’s finest loudspeakers unbound by limitations of current technologies and past design. Wisdom’s proprietary designs were all developed to solve problems inherent in the limitations of traditional designs and how they interact with the listening room. The result is an experience like no other.

For more information on Wisdom Audio, visit their website here


Klipsch was one of the first manufactuers of loudspeakers in the US and remains a market leader today. Like Datasat Digital Entertainment, the company made its name delivering high quality, innovative sound solutions to the cinema industry. Today, the company creates hundreds of premium speakers for every budget, lifestyle and application. The Datasat RS20i home cinema processor has been optimized to work seamlessly with the Klipsch range of speakers and sub woofers.

For more information on Klipsch, visit their website here

Mark Seaton

Since 2005, Mark Seaton has developed a growing reputation for designing and installing high end speakers for home and business use. The Datasat RS20i home cinema processor has been optimized to work seamlessly with the Seaton Sound Speakers.

For more information on Mark Seaton, visit the website here


For 30 years Genelec has been setting the standard for accurate sound reproduction in recording studios and broadcast facilities around the world. Genelec pioneered the active loudspeaker concept in which integrated power amplifiers and active crossover circuitry are used to create sound that is accurate, powerful and low in distortion. The Datasat RS20i home cinema processor has been optimized to work seamlessly with the Genelec speakers and sub woofers.

For more information on Genelec, visit their website here

Featured Technology

Dirac Live®

Dirac Live® puts you – the listener- into where the music actually happens. It substantially improves musical staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, while delivering a deeper and tighter bass. Through advanced room correction technology, Dirac Live® takes sound localization to a new level. The sound is realistic, transparent and exactly as was initially intended. It is the most advanced room optimization system available for consumer and professional audio.

The Datasat RS20i is one of the few audio processors for luxury home cinema to include Dirac Live®.

More information on Dirac Live® click here


DTS® is a market-leading supplier of sound formats for the consumer products. Home cinema, Blu-ray, games and mobile products deliver outstanding quality to whatever type of multimedia content you wish to enjoy. Datasat Digital Entertainment has had a close working relationship with DTS® ever since we were part of the same organization that developed digital surround sound for professional cinema.

The Datasat RS20i audio processor supports a wide range of DTS® formats including DTS®-HD Master Audio, DTS® ES, DTS® 5.1 and DTS® Neo6.

More information on DTS® click here

Dolby® Labs

Another pioneer of digital surround sound for professional cinema, Dolby® has become as ubiquitous as DTS® for developing the sound formats that underpin the vast majority of content within the consumer, professional cinema and Pro AV markets. Continuing its long association with Dolby® within the professional cinema industry, Datasat Digital Entertainment includes popular Dolby® audio decoder support within our digital audio processor.

The Datasat RS20i audio processor supports the Dolby® AC3 audio format.
More information on Dolby® Labs click here


Comprised of Hitachi, Panasonic Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics, Silicon Image, Sony Corporation, Technicolor S.A. (formerly known as Thomson) and Toshiba Corporation, the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) Founders have joined together to define a next-generation digital interface specification for consumer electronics products. The standard is designed to provide the ultimate performance for consumer video and audio products.

The Datasat RS20i processor delivers HDMI 1.4a compliant digital audio capable of 3D video pass through.
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