Dirac Live® Room Optimization

Every room is different. Each one has its own acoustic behaviors. To achieve the best possible listening environment, you have to optimize the room to create a clean, clear and true-to-source sound.


Before selecting anything like your BluRay player or speakers, take time to make sure you have the best audio processor for your needs.

Whatever happened to sound? In recent years, picture quality has advanced dramatically with HD and 3D becoming commonplace. Sound has been lagging behind but things are changing. Room optimization is one of the keys to bringing sound onto the same level as picture. It is helping to create a clear, realistic and transparent sound that has not been possible before.

The goal of room optimization technology is to optimize the output from each speaker in a sound system so that it is perfectly balanced for the acoustic behavior of the listening environment where the speaker is situated.

In-depth room measurement and complex algorithms build a picture of the listening environment which allows the technology to make compensations for sound interference and distortions in the room. In essence, room optimization corrects the impulse response of sound at the speaker.

Dirac Live®

Datasat Digital Entertainment uses Dirac Live® within all our audio processors. Dirac Live® is unique in providing true working impulse response correction as measured over a large listening region. The technology was developed and tested in one of the most challenging acoustic environments, the luxury automobile industry.

That technology was then applied to audio within cinema theaters – where Datasat Digital Entertainment is the exclusive supplier – and now it is offered to the home environment.

Features and Benefits

The room optimization features within Datasat audio processors, such as the RS20i, are the most advanced in the industry. These include:

Impulse response optimization

Stereo hearing depends on the similarity between and the quality of the impulse response to the left and right ear. The impulse response of speakers must be aligned to provide a natural listening experience. Dirac Live® delivers impulse response correction to each individual speaker to improve the precision and clarity of the entire stereo sound image.

Mixed phase correction

The sound output from a speaker is mixed phase – different sound elements have different phases – yet many room optimization solutions only deliver minimum or linear phase correction. Dirac Live® is one of the few technologies to deliver mixed phase correction. The result is the localization and clarity of a sound event are enhanced.

Early reflection reduction

There are two major types of sound reflection. Early reflection – from the same direction of the speaker – causes smearing and shifting in the sound. Side reflection – caused by sound bouncing off areas or elements to the side of the speaker – cause a ‘coloration’ of the sound but actually make it easier to localize and distinguish different sound events. Dirac Live® removes early reflections while the coloration of side reflections is reduced but the reflections are not removed.

Bass punch enhancement

Dirac Live® improves the bass punch by preparing the speaker for the impending sound and reduces the settling time of the speaker. In this way a much tighter bass line is achieved.

Detailed localization

By introducing enhanced impulse response, the localization of sound events becomes much more detailed. In essence, by creating a very natural impulse response for both the left and right ear the technology improves the spatial perception of the sound. The result is that the listener feels they are actually in the scene.

Reduced listening fatigue

Unnatural sound distortions make it more demanding for our brains interpreting sound. This can result in listening fatigue over an extended period. By smoothing the impulse response that is perceived by the listener the sound becomes more natural and listening fatigue is reduced.

Further Information

For further information on room optimization from Datasat Digital Entertainment please download our Dirac Live®  RS20i brochure click here

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