Feature by feature Datasat products offer greater functionality and management control than competitive cinema processors.

Comparison Table

Dirac Live® Room Optimization
Dirac Live® Room Optimization Installer Kit √
Touch Screen Control √
iPhone, iPad & Android Phone Remote √
wireless Setup √
Product Certification Offering √
HDMI 1.3 Video Pass Thru/Audio Outputs √
Dolby® AC3 Digital Audio Decoder √ √
DTS HD® Master Audio Decoder √
DTS® 5.1 Decoder √
DTS® Neo:6 √
Memory Profiles For all Filters √
Memory Profiles Programmable as to Input √
Memory Profiles Programmable as to Output √
Memory Profiles for Different Room EQ’s √
Memory Profiles Save to Memory Stick  √
Memory Profiles for Levels  √
Memory Profiles Switchable  √
Automation control of External Equipment  √
Future Proof Expansion Slots  √
Channels16 8
Format or Input Selections 20 7
3rd Octave EQ 16 8
Parametric EQ 16 1
Total Audio Inputs (Digital & Analog) 85 43
Digital Channels 16 8
Analog Inputs 8 8
Total Audio Outputs 34 11
Digital Audio Channel Outputs  16 0
Analog Audio Outputs 16 8
Hi & Low Bandpass  √
High & Low Shelving  √
Crossovers  √
TOSLINK (Optical S/PDIF)  √  √
Inputs Routable to Outputs  √
External Monitor Output  √


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