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    Company Background

    The leader in cinema surround sound. Datasat Digital Entertainment is at the forefront of digital audio processing solutions for home and cinema.
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    The Team

    Datasat Digital Entertainment people pioneered digital surround sound for cinema. They've been joined by other innovators in digital sound.
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    Datasat Community

    There's always a lot going on at Datasat Digital Entertainment. We'd really like you to get involved and there's plenty of ways you can. Take a look at what we're doing on social media.
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    Company Overview

    Datasat Digital Entertainment serves the professional and home cinema industries delivering high quality and innovative digital surround sound.
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    The Environment

    Datasat Digital Entertainment products imported into the European marketplace are RoHS compliant, WEEE compliant and labeled per the WEEE Directive. You can download our statement from this page.

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